Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New to Odin is surf apparel company Greenlines. Their motive is to create fashion savvy, durable, quality apparel that appeals to both men, women, and familites while keeping environmental impact as low as possible. Based in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, co-founders and brothers Sam and Jerry Delaney understand that generations to come should be afforded the same opportunities as those before, whether they be building sand castles or riding the waves of a pristine ocean. The environmentally conscious company has pledged to donate a portion of all their profits to grassroots efforts and national and international organizations. Greenlines regularly donates to organizations such as The Surf Rider Foundation, Clean Ocean Action, and Surfers' Environmental Alliance along with the Oceans Plastic Challenge who fight to reduce plastics in the ocean and reduce Pacific Gyre. Shop their classic board shorts at our SoHo and West Village store locations.

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