08 Seylon

08 Seylon

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Harvested from the wild landscapes of Sri Lanka comes a scent that truly represents an authentic interpretation of pure vetiver. Seylon opens with the watery crispness of fresh yuzu followed by the tartness of bitter orange and bergamot. Middle notes of spicy nutmeg, resinous elemi and the absinth-aroma of wormwood merge together with a rich base of warm benzoin, damp oakmoss and the soft earthiness of calming vetiver. 

-Top: Fresh Yuzu, Bitter Orange, Bergamot 
-Middle: Spicy Nutmeg, Resinous Elemi, Wormwood 
-Bottom: Warm Bezoin, Damp Oakmoss, Calming Vetiver 
-100 ml / 3.4 fl. oz.

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